Bhalu 22 Summer vibes

Bhalu 22 Summer vibes

As summer draws to a close  and the weather takes a turn our daily wear also goes through a significant transformation

Bearing that in mind, Bhalu Apparel has just the type of fits and headgear you are looking for 

Our collection of baseball caps, bucket hats  can be used as part of your daily fits to add some colour and swagger to your fits 

From the streets of Paris a number of trends have been observed  namely the aversion for fits to match and looks and fits cab be paired in any way you want express your self 


Camo prints are back in vogue and people are exploring their own individual style without restraint 

Our relaxed t shirts  are best suited for hot summer days where our cosy fit will leave you feeling cooler than your average t shirt. 





Pair some of these designs in inventive ways with hoodies, big sun glasses, camo cargos and clean kicks





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