Gender Fluid Fashion | Wear Your Skin

Gender Fluid Fashion | Wear Your Skin

You are not what you wear 

Clothing is such an important part of our identity, the fashion industry plays an important role in cultivating a progressive society. What you see around you is what you are shown and fed; the fashion industry establishes standards, and we tend to compare ourselves to them or try to fit into that image.

The distinctions between men's and women's clothing are becoming increasingly blurred. Gender has evolved through clothing and fashion, with what is considered "feminine" and "male" appearances in the evaluation of various dress styles.

Gender Fluid Fashion

The meaning of gender-fluid fashion varies depending on who you ask, as there is no single, established construct. In fact, according to fashion industry experts, a truly gender-fluid outfit isn't even an outfit. Fashionably speaking, it's more of a state of mind.

To meet consumer demand, fashion brands have increasingly produced gender-fluid collections over the last decade: In 2019, 56% of Gen Z shoppers shopped "outside their assigned gendered area." Products labelled as genderless, gender-neutral or unisex have surged by 109 % year on year in the United States since October 2020, according to trend forecasting company WGSN 

Need to stop labelling 

A man is considered gay if he wears a skirt, To end this labelling and stereotyping, the fashion industry must change, and once they do, so will the public & it's not a lack of awareness but unwillingness to change with the time. Retailers should see gender-fluid apparel as an opportunity in India.  

A wave of designer brands has begun to embrace gender neutrality, giving the movement a larger voice and even more support.

On met gala, the inclusivity and gender fluidity provided the needed push, Receiving support from celebrities influencers also play a big role, such as Jared Leto, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Asap Rocky, and Ranveer Singh.

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Streetwear is not geared toward any specific gender; however, the rise in gender fluidity has unquestionably given streetwear a boost. 

Many women have rushed to put on baggy pants and oversized hoodies designed with men in mind. It demonstrated how many female consumers are at ease. Social media influencers are also important in driving discussions about new fashion trends and representing gender-fluid brands.

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The fashion industry has an indirect influence on the beauty industry. A lot of it started in the beauty industry, where we see a lot of men wearing makeup — and not in the typical drag way. But it was just a guy dressed however he pleased, who was also wearing makeup.

For example, former baseball star Alex Rodriguez debuted last month in a campaign with the men's wellness brand Hims for a concealer "Blur Stick" designed specifically for men. Asap Rocky, Lil Nas X collaboration with Rihanna's Fenty Skin Campaign.

If you’re interested in gender-fluid clothing but don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of brands to consider;

Bhalu Apparel strive to brighten your wardrobe so you can stand out amongst the crowd. Wear your skin

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As more brands launch gender-fluid (-neutral, -free, etc.) collections, the debate over what constitutes a gender-fluid collection expands. Let us know your thoughts on gender fluid fashion.

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