Monsoon Style tips

Monsoon Style tips

As the rains give us some  much needed respite from the blistering heat our wardrobe should also ideally undergo a transformation to meet the need of the monsoon.

Tees with brighter colours  can add some life into dull and drab tones that are usually worn during the monsoon. 

Add some headwear to your daily looks and replace your favourite cap  

Our range of bucket hats can be paired with any of your daily fits effectively. 

We reccomend the crowd favourite reversible candy flip bucket hat  which can be worn either way based on your mood or fit for the day 

Layering is a very important part of dressing well and with the wet weather we can experiment with different fits from time to time.

One can also stick to simpler looks by pairing a nice graphic print t shirt  with a pair of denims and sneakers.

Most importantly, always experiment with your style and be proud to own it come visit us and upgrade your wardrobe !


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