New Drops

New Drops

Oversize T shirts making a comback in 2022

The classic 90s oversized look is back in style, and you've probably noticed oversized aesthetics everywhere from Pinterest to runways. The year began with baggy outfits, oversized t-shirts, xxl jackets, and baggy bottoms.

With the emergence of street wear and the popularity of brands like Off white, Fear of God , Rhude the oversized tee is the preferred choice for the urban chic individual 

Rewind the tape

With the trend for oversized tees, emerging from hip-hop and street culture of the late 80's and early 90's where most people opted for a size larger purely for the oversized aesthetic.

Oversize tees back in style get your now from Bhalu Apparel


As fashion comes back full circle we see the revival of the oversized tee in full swing bearing that in mind we have dropped new tees. 

Keeping our brand ethos in mind as well as exploring the meaning of life we have released The Bhalu Afterlife and The Statement Tee and also The Train Wrap Tee , The Bear Head Terry tee and The Lilac Dreams Tee 

The Afterlife tee is a representation of our meaning of life after death after being inspired by Tibetan philosophy available in medium and large



The Statement Tee is our ethos and belief as a  brand represented by our signature t shirt . We embody this concept not only in fashion but also in life where we choose to be unabashedly original and wear our identity on our sleeve.

The  Bare Heads Terry tee is our bear heads image on a black t shirt based on our idea of creating a sicker than your average black tee that has simplistic design yet can paired with any fit
The Train Wrap Tee  is our homage to the city of Mumbai where the hustle and bustle exemplifies our undying spirit to persevere
Lilac Dream T shirt available now cop yours soon
Our purple hued Lilac Dreams Tee is our holiday tee of choice for laid back weekend getaways or even if you want to bear your sense of fashion in a subtle manner.






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